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Brahmashri. Ky. Bharaneedhara Sastrigal

Brahmashri Ky. Bharaneedhara Sastrigal, a popular upanyasam exponent and Dharma Shastram expert is pioneering an effort in bringing dharma shastram to the masses through Asthika Dharmam.


உபாகர்மா & காயத்ரி ஜபம்

In this upanyasam, Brahmashri Bharaneedhara Sastrigal gives an overview of the importance of Upakarma, Gayathri Japam ...
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ஆஶௌச காலத்தில் ஸந்த்யாவந்தனம் செய்யும் முறை

How to perform Sandhyavandanam during Ashaucham? Sandhyavandanam is such an important nityakarma, that it always has to be performed, throughout ...
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