Tulasi Puja Vidhanam/Tulasi Vivaha

On the occasion of Brindavana Dwadashi on Thursday (26.11.2020), it is important for everyone to perform Tulasi Puja and Tulasi Vivaha (with Sri Mahavishnu, in Amalaka, i.e. Nelli chedi).

The following PDFs in multiple scripts give the detailed Puja Vidhanam for performing
Puja of Sri Tulasi Devi with Sri Mahavishnu, and Tulasi Vivaha:

[Devanagari] https://bit.ly/tulasi-puja-devanagari
[Tamil Diacritics 2-3-4] https://bit.ly/tulasi-puja-tamil
[Telugu] https://bit.ly/tulasi-puja-telugu
[Kannada] https://bit.ly/tulasi-puja-kannada
[Malayalam] https://bit.ly/tulasi-puja-malayalam
[Grantha] https://bit.ly/tulasi-puja-grantha
[Tamil Grantha] https://bit.ly/tulasi-puja-tamil-grantha

Jaya Jaya Shankara! Hara Hara Shankara!

Asthika Dharmam, Ky. Bharaneedhara Sastrigal

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